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Jobs Profiles

BackEnd Developer

The responsibilities of the Backend Developer will be to develop the logic in the server, as well as the development and maintenance of the central database, making sure to comply with the high responsiveness and performance required by the frontend. Also to create and maintain network systems for games with online components. Solve problems for design and development teams through the use of web services.Click here to apply.

Gameplay Programmer

The functions of the Gameplay Programmer wil programming game mechanics, from prototype to full implementation, writing clear, maintainable and portable C++ code, working with the Project Leaders and Programming Leaders in designing game mechanics, team player.Click here to apply.

3D Artist

The functions of the 3D Artist will Create high-poly and low-poly models following concept art or art direction for in-game usage, texture Photorealistic assets following a PBR workflow, deliver and prepare game-ready assets in UE4: Create LODs, collision volumes and and shaders, ensure that the high-quality bar established by Art Direction is maintained during the asset production process, working closely with Concept Art, Animation, Tech Art and other departments during the asset production process.Click here to apply.


The rigger will be in charge of developing and maintaining character, creature and prop rigs, while keeping an eye out for proper deformations and easy-to-use controls. Having a deep technical understanding of the animation pipeline and Maya as a whole is a must in order to create responsive and well performing rigs.Click here to apply.

Animador 3D

The Animador 3D will in charge Find the look & feel of the project in relation to the movement of characters, vehicles, ornaments and other exclusive objectives for each game. The proposals should follow the vision of the creative director and other leaders.Click here to apply.